Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Moody Blues

 Yesterday's outfit didn't come out as I imagined… 
The inspiration was from Victoria's Secret Fall (2013) edit:

 As you can see I actually own this same tank from them but even in size small it has too much material and the whole looks a bit too baggy/frumpy… Oh well. You know me for an everyday look, I stick with the outfit even when it is not my favorite. I honestly do not have time to change.

 This is a very old skirt from Banana Republic. I used to wear it to work. I am not crazy about the cut as it has no shape but it is a high quality fully lined maxi skirt with two side slits so I keep it for those rare combo's I need such piece...

Jacket - Forever 21
Tee - Victoria's Secret
Skirt - Banana Republic
Sneakers - Converses

We went to the outdoor class which was quite small as people are still struggling to get back into routine I guess. The weather I thought was supposed to continue warm but the park was right on the water and it was soooo cold I was freezing. Couldn't wait to get back to warmth. Had to go pick up my dad's prescription at the drug store which was a mess cause they didn't have it ready and we had to kill 30 minutes in there where my daughter had two potty accidents and every time we went to the restroom I couldn't hear the announcement so had to get in line to find out if the pills were ready and the girl kept acting like she had never seen me. It was one of those scenes you see in a sitcom I have to tell you.
We did have just a little bit of time to go to the indoor play area then it was picking up my son and coming home for homework and dinner and baths...

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