Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Take a Bow

 Last night's outfit going out with the girls for an 'anniversary dinner' special at one of our favorite restaurants. As I said yesterday I didn't have to change but wanted to try out this funky combo…

Got the idea from the Mosschino Ad in Vogue's Sept 2013 issue:

It was more of the concept of mixing red plaid tartan and black and white together.. Any new idea to incorporate my lita's which I absolutely love… I feel 6'9" in these things and they are so solid and comfy...
So I layered the tunic length button up blouse with a faux leather collar under the short sleeved sweater which is part of a twin set from sooooo many years ago.
Then I added the plaid and studded leather bow barrette's as pins and also this military looking necklace...

Oh and this is a new addition to my hat collections. Called a 'boater' hat. Has a much different feel than a fedora. 

 Hat, Blouse, Pants - Forever 21
Sweater - Express
Purse - TJ Maxx
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell 
Necklace - H&M

I left after the kids were bathed and eating dinner. My son ran up to pose with me in his PJs. He is getting so tall even with my Lita's on. :)


  1. i think the shoes are such a fun addition to the outfit! i never did get litas, but i always feel great towering in my danys!

  2. This is such a fun outfit indeed! I love the color combo and plaids make it more fun. Juliet's picture on the left of the blog page matches your outfit:) Trevor looks unbelievably tall!
    hat is pretty cool too. I enjoy getting up every morning and seeing your pretty face with a great inspirational outfit and if the kids are there, it is a big bonus for me:)

  3. You are so brave to wear those shoes. I would be on crutches afterwards. You makeup has been looking flawless.


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