Thursday, January 9, 2014

To the Point

 Yesterday's comfy outfit came together so cute…

The inspiration was from Lucky's September 2013 issue:

 I love this 'fisherman' sweater. It is thick so I save it for those cold days. It has the right amount of bulk to contrast with the tightness of the leggings. 
And my leather front legging s with zipper detail I felt was cooler...

 My super old work shoes from the past...

 Sweater, Leggings - Forever 21
Hat - Thrifted (was purchased for a costume)
Heels - Steven
Purse - Thread Show

WEDNESDAY: I had my own infusion appointment in the morning so dropped off my daughter at my mom's so she can take her to pre-school. Afterwards they kept her for the day so I rushed back home to be with my dad. Getting him to go out mid day so he can get some fresh air and vitamin D from the sun and a change of pace from the bed. After I picked up my son he even laid down in the living room to play Chess with him as he dictated the moves. 
Then my daughter came home and we did swim practice and back at home for a nice dinner together. 

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  1. Such a fabulous outfit. So well put-together. Everything works, including the hat and jewelry. The sweater and leggings are both phenomenal pieces. I need to learn how you do this.... :-)


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