Saturday, February 8, 2014

Those were the days my friend we thought would never end

 Friday's outfit…. I was going to wear a blog outfit but decided why not… There was a bit of rain (really hardly any) but a drop of rain is good enough excuse to wear my rain boots so here they go.

The inspiration from Bee (Atlantic Pacific):

I feel this came out great together. Hunter green combined with red plaid coat and boots is predictable but adding a blue button down makes it very unique...

 My son liked this necklace cause it was a 'T' in the middle which is his initial!

My latest ring combo. Amazingly I can soap my hands and keep them all on without them feeling wet afterwards. This set is a keeper… Pointer and ring finger rings are Bauble Bar, the midi and the bow ring are from Forever 21.

Coat - Old Navy
Blouse - Express
Pants - Bebe
Boots - Henri Breandel
Necklace - Ann Taylor LOFT
Rings - Bauble bar & Forever 21

My mom had my daughter and my husband was soo nice to let me sleep in the morning an extra hour and took my son to school I went to bed around 1 AM the night before working on pulling old photos for my Dad's ceremony slide show. I got up and got dressed and headed to my Dad's house to be with my family that has arrived. My brother, my aunt, my sister in law and nephew and of course my cousin who has never left my side. We worked on photos for a little longer than headed to the ceremony room at the library to check it out and get training on the audio. The room is perfect and it is exactly what my dad would have liked. we then went back home to work more on photos and slide show plan for the food. THen picked up my son from school. Took him out for frozen yogurt. Stopped at the library and at my friend's house and came home for a quick stop to change him in his swim gear and my mom brought my daughter then took him to his swim team practice and back at home for dinner. We were hoping the family would come but they were all jet lagged so it was a quite night at home. I spent the whole night listening to songs for the slide show and just reminiscing...


  1. love the outfit...especially the red boots and coat. i be it's going to be a really nice service for your dad...

  2. Ok, on the outfit - you did better than Bee (and I am a huge fan of hers) on this one.. I think it is the fit that makes a lot of difference. Well done, you really look good. I am glad you had your family with you during this hard time and the slide shows sounds really good..

    Take care xxx

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE


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