Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dig a litte deeper

 Ok, going back to the outfit I skipped which is from Sunday…

The inspiration was from Bloomingdales November 2013 Outfit photos:

Fedora - Asos
Denim Shirt - From Turkey
Tank Top - Victoria's Secret
Pants - Bebe
Booties- Betsey Johnson
Bracelets - Bauble Bar

(Well look at that? Nothing from Forever 21!….)

Lets see…. There was Turkish School and then no other major plans thank goodness as it has been a tough weekend with getting up early so I enjoyed having no plans. BUT still had to grocery shop to get back on track with the nutrition plan for the week and of course many loads of laundry. But daddy was home to entertain the kids with swimming so it wasn't that bad….


  1. NIce hat and tee!


  2. You nailed it! That look, looks good on you!


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