Sunday, March 16, 2014

Forget me not

 This is what I wore to brunch and card making class with the girls on Saturday…
I found this super cute sweatshirt and pleated blush skirt at Nordstrom's lookbooks...

Added these such darling cat eye sunglasses trimmed with pearls…  Gift from my mom….

 This super fun ring was an airport purchase from 'swatch' years and years ago during one of my trips to or from Turkey….

The nude sandals my sister bought me to wear as her matron of honor at her wedding….

Sunglasses - Gift
Sweatshirt, Skirt (Tildon) - Nordstrom's
Sandals - Nine West
Purse - Shoedazzle
Necklace & bracelets - Baublebar
Ring - Swatch

Morning was brutal. It could have been worse but my husband took pity on me and took on the 7:15 AM team photo shoot for my son and gave me 1 extra hour. I still had to get up at 7 and leave by 8 to make it to his 8:30 AM baseball game. My husband left to watch the tennis tournament in Palm Springs with a friend and I had the kids. After the game we only had one hour which was not long enough to go anywhere so we stayed at the premises killing time then had my daughter's acting class. When it was over I rushed to drop them off at my mom's and step dad's and rushed back home to change into this outfit and drive 30 minutes north to meet my friends.
We had an amazing brunch hosted by my friend's sister. Homemade strawberry goat cheese salad and two flat bread pizza's! With signature gin and orange burst or white wine spritzer cocktails.

We then went to this up scale paper/craft store for our 'card making' class. My friend had won this class for 6 at a fundraiser auction event and invited me as well. Not sure if I will ever make cards like this but it sure was fun being all crafty with no children. :)

 Here were my creations:

'Thank you' card using rice paper design tape and also learned to line our envelope!

Using little sponge stickies to make a 3 dimensional pattern. And also heat embossing…. A term I learned there….

Using Glitter and also made our own envelope using calendar pages…
Yes, I know my glitter work really went south there… But the envelope came out good. :)

Heat embossing and soufflé pens to color in…. Soooo cute….


  1. Love your sweater, aww great cards :)

  2. I love your blog. This is a cool site and I wanted to post a little note to tell you, good job! Best wishes!!!

  3. So cute! I was just reflecting on why I enjoy visiting your blog so much. It's because you shop at my favorite stores, pick clothes I love, wear them with panache, and are living the life I always wish I could. Actually, you're my role-model. If I could magically do anything, I'd want to be you.


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