Monday, March 31, 2014

Doing the Bright Thing

 This was my outfit Saturday night going out with friends for a dinner and a comedy show…

The inspiration from J Crew:
 I just loved the colors of this and the only piece I was missing was a silky ink navy blouse… Of course you can count on Forever 21 such item it was so perfect too. I wouldn't even dream of trying to find it in the store though. The store overwhelms me. Online is so much simpler especially if you are searching for something specific….
 And for the necklaces I just couldn't settle so I wore them both….

Blouse, blue necklace - Forever 21
Pants - Boden USA
Neon Necklace - J Crew
Heels - Shoedazzle
Purse - Kate Spade
Bracelet - Stella & Dot

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The morning was nice where I got to sleep in while my husband took my son to his baseball game and my step dad picked up my daughter to take her too.
I started doing laundry and making their overnight bags and paying bills etc… and had to shower and did my hair and got my nails done. Our friends came over for a quick BBQ and a jacuzzi playdate while I was doing all this then my husband took the kids to my mom's and we took a cab to meet our friends for an early happy hour drinks followed by dinner followed by comedy club followed by a bar….
Very fun night with our group as always….


  1. I also love the colors in this outfit. So joyful.

    Wearing multiple necklaces exudes confidence. In fashion, you have that.

    BTW, the closeups of you here are gorgeous. You look so pretty.

  2. I love this playful outfit altogether! The shoes add such a punch and the necklaces together is fabulous. Your hair looks so playful as well very edgy just the way you like it:) Thanks to Tyler we can write to you again since he managed to get rid of the virus on your site:)


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