Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Road Warriors

This was my travel outfit on Monday… Inspiration:
The scarf was great for travel and I went with a soft cardi instead of a blazer. And since I was downsizing I had to wear the bulkiest boots which were the snow boots on my feet. So they kind of ruin the look but oh well….

Cardigan - La Redoute
Top - Target
Scarf - Forever 21
Pants - Kika Paprika
Boots - Target

What a crazy day. Before we could even check in our bag we were given the bad news of our flight having mechanical problems and therefore would missing our connecting flight and had to go in to customer service to re-book! Of course it was a gigantic line with everyone in the same boat, the attendants taking forever to find alternating route for hundreds of travelers. The earliest they could get us to Boston was to take a flight 5 hours later then wait 4 hours in San Fran then take a red eye to Boston!
I could have just gone home and take a flight the next day which would make us loose a whole day and I felt what are the guarantees the next day's flight won't have delays so we said what the heck.

Took our time exploring our airport by stopping at every store than taking hour breaks of chilling. The issue with traveling alone with two young kids is nothing is easy. For example you take out the ipads and laptops and get settled and one has to go to the bathroom. You can't leave your stuff or the kids so now you have to pack it all up and go. Sucks. But we managed.
We landed in San Fran late afternoon. And by chance my sister in law was traveling to London at the same time so we walked to the international airport to see her off then had dinner with my brother in law and the kids. So it was an amazing opportunity for the kids to see their cousins!

Then things got really bad. The already late flight got delayed for another couple hours. They changed gates twice on us. The kids were beyond exhausted but we finally got on a plane and they did sleep most of it which was 4 hours then we landed in the morning in Boston!

Board games and art projects in the airport restaurant...

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  1. ugh...i hear you on traveling or doing any kind of waiting around with kids. i used to always get our food "to-go" because guarantee one of them would have to go bathroom as soon as we sat down to eat!!


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