Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kid Power

Outfit photos are just too hard on vacation when I don't have my tripod… The kids are very hard to maneuver so we hardly have time to snap a photo… So this is the best as it gets. Actually my hat was super cute from the side…

Coat - H&M
Blouse, Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - Steve Madden
Hat - gift from Mom

Day 2 of our trip. Amazingly the kids having jet lag slept until almost 8 AM local time! Which is 5 AM our time but I was ecstatic. The super dark curtains of the B&B also help trick their minds…
We got up and got dressed. They even had a bit of time to do some ipad in their super favorite bunk bed:

We then went down for breakfast. The kids absolutely just love this B&B concept and the continental breakfast set-up. We had taken them to huge breakfast buffet's at resorts and they weren't impressed. But the quaint set-up of the B&B and the simple food they like being all available on kitchen counter like set-up just appealed to them.
After breakfast, my SIL picked us up and dropped me off at Harvard so I can attend a class with my brother! She took the kids to a sing and learn Spanish class with my nephew where I got to be a Harvard graduate student for one hour and sit through a lecture of 'Effective Implementation'. It was quite relatable actually and I realized how much I missed college lectures (just not the exams)…

After class my SIL picked me up and we headed downtown Boston to the Children's Museum…
First of course had to feed them lunch…

The museum was amazing. My kids are just the perfect age to enjoy almost all the activities. My little nephew who had been there was running from room to room while mine wanted to take time and engage in every activity.
They had a blast…

My SIL had to take my nephew to swim lesson so we decided to stay back on our own. Which was a brave move as we had to figure out how to get back by ourselves. By myself it is not that big of a deal but did have moments of self doubt walking two little kids down to the T (subway station) and finding the right train etc.. But it wasn't rush hour yet so the trains were not packed and they quite enjoyed the underground ride.
We chilled at the hotel. THey love the fact that there are cookies and treats provided by the B&B and I love the afternoon tea. After our relaxing period.

My sister in law came once again to pick us up and drive us to this great seafood restaurant...
My son loves seafood especially shellfish so he ordered full lobster clam bake and devoured the whole meal. The manager was nice enough to take out couple of live lobsters for kids to pet and get an up close look. You think they would be horrified after that to eat it but not at all.

My nephew on the other hand was terrified of the lobster pinching and watched in terror as my son  dig into it...

And after dinner my brother met us at the room from his super high profile but I am sure nearly not as much fun dinner to hang out with the kids for a little bit...


  1. Sounds like a great trip. I love Boston/Cambridge. I went to BU Law School for three years and enjoy the city immensely. Have fun!

    And cute hat, btw.

  2. How much I missed all the little munchkins!!! Kiss George for me please.
    Your hat looks so cute and warm I bet:) Love all the colorful clothing. The bunk bed is really cue and I am glad they like it so they will the one in Turkey! Looks like a lot of fun is on your plates:)))

    1. SUPER!!!
      Cute cute post!
      Do u want to follow each otre in Instagram? I'm @chicstreetchoc


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