Sunday, March 23, 2014

If the Princess ain't happy ain't nobody happy

Yesterday's outfit was inspired by an old Atlantic Pacific post:

Mine is a bit more summery version of this outfit and more blues and silvers. But the idea of mixing same tone animal prints was what I was going for….

Jacker, Scarf - Forever 21
Moto Leggings - ABS
Tote - Dolce Gabbana (very very old)
Necklace - Off Fifth
Bracelets - Cookie Lee and Bauble Bar
Sandals - Nine West (ridiculous old and back in style….)

Ah the morning was brutal. I happened to sign up my daughter for this Nordstrom Kid Fashion Show without realizing they do it before the store opens at a god awful hour of 7:30 AM on a Saturday morning. But once she was told there was no turning back. We both struggled to wake up and get ready. 
But it really was a very cool event. Just wish it wasn't so early…
It was just for the kids and their families and you got 15% off all kid clothing AND KID SHOES as a reward. My parents were so nice to wake up and come and watch and shop as well.

Before the show with the dress she picked….

She also selected the headband to go with it:

Walking down the runway with two of her friends….
 The girl just loves the attention!

 Having a blast...

Here are some other cute models….

At the mall's park afterwards with Grandparents...

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  1. Your daughter has great taste, thats such a cute outfit! I wish that dress came in toddler size!


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