Monday, March 24, 2014

Wine for a Cause

 Last night's outfit to a 'wine for a cause' event at my friend's house….

I was searching for something else on ebay when I came across this skirt and the matching silk jacket on clearance since the Phillip Lim for Target craze is so over now. So may be it is worth the wait to get them at lower than retail prices… The size fits perfectly. The waist has a bit of a stretch so perfectly comfortable… I saved so many inspirations with the pieces and was excited to wear one of them.

This was the combo paired with the electric blue tux jacket. Adding the bold black and white ankle cuff sandals really made a statement. I layered my super old medallion necklace with the multi chain one….

 These shoes totally stay put due to wide ankle cuff and the velcro closure allows me to adjust over my skinny ankles...

Jacket, Shoes - Rock Republic (from Kohl's)
Skirt - 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target
Necklace - Forever 21 & Arden B
Clutch - Forever 21
Bracelet - Stella and Dot
Sunglasses - Wildfox

Catching the MONDAY MINGLE this week….

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Ah, finally a morning with no plans so I slept in until 8 AM! It was heaven. Woke up and watched the 'Howl's moving castle' with the kids. What an amazing movie by the famous director Hayao Miyazaki who also did 'Ponyo' and 'My neighbor Totoro' movies the kids and I love. Would highly recommend it if you have kids…

Afterwards I made the meal plan and the grocery list for the week and cleaned up the house and we just threw on some clothes and got the grocery shopping over with. I was dreading it but if I don't do it I won't follow the nutrition plan and it will all go downhill.
We ate lunch and relaxed a bit more then got dressed and went to my friend's house for this fundraiser event.

Everyone donated 3-4 bottles of wine for an event the charity (Casa de amparo) will have later. My friend rented a jumpy so even though there were so many kids at the party it was like they weren't there as they all played for hours in the trampoline and the jumpy and we totally relaxed. What a great Sunday afternoon.


  1. You look great Daphne. I should have purchased that skirt when I had the chance. The Cobalt Blazer is beautiful and together you look so chic, fancy and sexy too. =)

  2. This is such a gorgeous look! Love that skirt!


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