Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Live by the sun

This yellow and black combo was inspired by a new blog I had visited a few months ago called 

I liked the simple color combo with pop of red on the purse and the gold metallic heels….

For my crazy days with the kids though I couldn't pull of those wedges… For an indoor class for example I could wear them but not for an outdoor class with far away bathrooms etc…

Necklace, rings - Bauble Bar
Sweater - Lithon (Nordstrom's)
White Top - Topshop
Pants - J Crew
Wedges - Dolce Vita for Target
Flats - Dolce Vita 
Bracelets - C Wonder

Helped out a friend in the morning who had a Dr appointment by dropping off her kid at her preschool which is very close to my son's school. Then went to the outdoor class with my daughter. The weather was gorgeous and the park was right on the bay so very uplifting. 
Afterwards we went to the indoor play area so I can catch up on stuff and also book my hotel for our upcoming trip to Boston… We then picked up my son and came home for homework and dinner. Since we are doing the nutrition I don't only cook dinner at night but also try to prepare lunches and snacks for the next day so it takes quite  long time and creates lots of dishes to clean up after… At least the kids are totally digging the healthy dinners. Grilled Halibut tacos, roasted new potatoes with baked chicken etc…
And then after they go to bed we do our workout. Tuesday night was Speed!

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