Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tell me sth I don't know

 Wednesday outfit was inspired by a Forever 21 look:

Jacket - kika Paprika
Blouse - Forever 21
Denim Leggings - Guess
Ankle Boots - Forever 21

It was a crazy day of coordination of events just so I can get my car repaired for a recall and other maintenance. I took the car to the dealer with my daughter then we took their shuttle to her school. Because I am doing this nutrition plan I have to carry a hard cooler with my snacks (cause the soft cooler does not keep it cold enough) then there is all the liquids so our hands were so full.
We then hitched a ride from a friend at pre-school to my sister's house which is super close to the school. My brother in-law is at home for a while as he is recovering from a surgery so we were going to hang out but my car was done and my mom got out of work early and picked us up instead of the shuttle to take us to the dealer. Then she even volunteered to keep my daughter and I went to pick up my son just in the nick of time solo. We then got some snacks at Starbucks and went through a car wash and came home for homework before swim practice…

Last night was Full body circuit. A bit too many planks and up and down moves that make me dizzy but we hung in there. There is one guy in the video that Shaun T calls out 'he is 41 years old' like he is saying the guy is 60. I am not sure if I should be insulted that 41 is so old or should be flattered that we are doing the video even though we are that age. :)

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