Saturday, March 15, 2014

High Contrast

 Last night's outfit for dinner with the girls…

The inspiration was from Lucky Magazine's February 2014 issue...

I loved this black and white combo with a pop of orange...
 Here is an interesting pose when I tried to duplicate the side jump… I gave up after two tries. :)

 I love these earrings….

My super old wide legged linen pants… They keep coming back in style...

Blazer - Forever 21
Top - Kika Paprika
Pants - Target
Clutch - Arden B
Faux Fur scarf - can't remember…
Booties - Juicy Couture

Knowing I was going out at night I put on my workout clothes in the morning for my daughter's class and as soon as we came home I fit in the 25 minute workout and shower but then had to put on jeans cause I couldn't wear this all white outfit… We had lunch then went to pick up my son. He had a choice to make he could either go to his usual swim team practice or baseball practice which were at the same time so can only pick one. He chose baseball which actually started half hour earlier and a bit further away with hard parking so it was a total rush to leave the house and make it there. After we got home my husband was going to take the to dinner but they were so dirty so I decided to wash them which ate into my getting ready time but thank goodness he came home earlier and I got ready and left half hour early to catch happy hour… Met up with the girls and had a lovely dinner… OK I went out of the nutrition plan obviously by night but It is OK… I stuck out with the workout routine and will go back on Sunday….

Oh, here are the photos of my daughter trying on outfits at Nordstrom for their children's fashion show next Saturday:

 This was my favorite outfit totally spring and fashion show worthy but of course the little princess wouldn't go for it...

This is the dress she chose and won't be talked out of:
She picked out the headband herself to go with the dress….


  1. great pics... love ur look dear :)

  2. I admire your ability to create such a wide range of looks. This one is stylish and elegant.


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