Tuesday, April 29, 2014

You might think

 Mixing patterns from the Peter Pilotto for Target collection… 
Similar to a different inspiration from Target:

Heels would have looked cooler but this was more practical...

Top and Pants - Peter Pilotto for Target
Necklace and Espadrilles - J Crew
Purse - DKNY
Sunglasses - I am not sure where I obtained these from?

So, now I know why bears hibernate all winter long. Lack of food makes you want to sleep and never wake up. I just could not get up this morning. Even after I got out of bed to quickly prepare my son's snack and water and told him to go to the cafeteria for lunch I went back to bed and amazingly fell into the deepest sleep ever. Had turned on an actual Nick Jr channel for my daughter instead of recorded shows so it would never end she stayed quiet downstairs.
I also wanted to keep on sleeping cause we were going to do this blood test at my husband's work and it required fasting and until 11 AM! Sleeping was the lest painful way of killing time.
Met my hubby at his new office and took the test then chugged the morning juice and started sipping the much needed tea (caffeine) while he gave us a tour of the office and introduced us to a few co-workers…
Then bought lunch to my daughter and had her eat it by the fountain pools. We have major santa ana weather. Strong hot steaming winds and mid summer like temps. All of a sudden too.

After we came home I cleaned up and did laundry and drank more juices but the feeling of light headedness was getting stronger. My daughter created a whole art show for her Daddy using our paper plates and bowls….

Don't you love her red toms?

 This is where she creates her art (in the Garage)...

Left for my Dr appointment then went direct to pick up my son.
It was so warm that the kids went swimming in the pool while I tried to start a workout but took it really easy and avoided all jumps and going up and down to avoid passing out.
I even ate a tiny portion of salmon and a few asparagus spears which felt good.
Once the kids were in bed though I started to get scared I might pass out and ate a tiny snack.
Might include mini meals tomorrow cause I can't last… The weird thing is I am not hungary.


  1. i was supposed to take a blood test last month (if not longer) but the form is still sitting on my dresser because i haven't found a "good" day to fast, lol! i run late at night, then usually have yogurt and fruit, which i hate to skip! cute outfit...love the pants.

  2. I love Black, White & Yellow together, especially if you add Purple. Loving those Peter Pilatto pieces. And your daughter is such a cutie pie. Adorable outfits once again.

    Stop by to see my latest outfits Daphne.

    Enjoy your weekend, Ada. =)


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