Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Coral Reef

Yesterday's Outfit was inspired from 'Who What Wear' site:
Very simple but chic right? 

Denim Jacket - H&M
T-Shirt - Kika Paprika
Capri Pants - Forever 21
Scarf - Coach
Sneakers - Converse

Well, the next morning after our Vegas weekend we had a field trip to Sea World with the preschool class. But didn't want to miss it cause we no longer have passes and it is only $8 a person with the school which is a killer deal.
And my princess had been waiting so anxiously to go as well.
We mostly saw the same stuff but a few things were new.
First of all I was so excited I got to ride the Manta roller coaster ride. There was no line and my friend kept urging me to go while she watched my daughter. Then another friend after me. It was a blast.

The other new thing was these amazing sculptures made out of trash and recycled materials!
I took lots of close-up photos to show you.

And the final new thing was the coral reef area right by the entrance and they have a pool of those fishes that nibble off the dead skin off of you. Such a weird feeling. I forgot to take photos of those….

Being a dolphin during the dolphin show...

After the manta ray grabbed the fish in her hand...

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