Thursday, May 8, 2014

Just keep pushing on

Wednesday's outfit was inspired by December 2013 issue of In Style magazine:
 I didn't spend anytime on the hair and it shows… I am a bit under rush and stress getting ready so this the best I could do...

Jacker, Top (cardigan worn backwards) - Forever 21
Pants - J Crew
Loafers - Victoria's Secret (xmas present from my Dad!)
Purse - Thread Show
Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson

Went to my daughter's preschool. We are going to be gone then the teacher is going on vacation so we won't be back to that class until May 28th!
Afterwards went to lunch then to the library to return our books and get some chapter books for the trip. Then picked up my son and came home. My mom had come and cooked dinner for us and she took the kids to the park so I could pack in peace. Then she and my stepdad took them to swimming and my sister came over to see everyone and gave me the cutest Kate Spade clutch for Mother's Day!
Had a family dinner then cleaned out the fridge and started on the laundry and showering etc…
My daughter was way too excited for the upcoming trip that she had a hard time going down to sleep.
I am staying up super late finishing everything.
Going to schedule this post….
Will periodically post during the vacation!

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  1. There's a certain rockabilly vibe about this look that I love!


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