Monday, May 26, 2014

Wind and Sea

Memorial Day Ensemble was inspired by a look in the Boston Proper Catalog from March 2012:

This is just such a classic and classy look. I couldn't wear it to the beach but I changed into it after we came back from the sand and sun to my friend's house for a BBQ...

 These mules are ancient but of course they came back in style and I have always loved them so kept them and am so glad I did. They are comfy and easy to wear too…. The wedge is calf hair!

Hat - Next
Sweater - Forever 21
Shorts - H&M
Mules - BCBG
Necklace - Off Fifth

My son had his 5th game this morning but I stayed home with my daughter while my husband took him. We finished up cleaning and went to grocery shop for the week.
Made a salad to take to my friend's house and got the kids sun blocked and dressed in swim suits and head on out to their house which is like 5 minutes from ours. :)
But it is memorial day and the beach parking was awful. Good thing is they had moved their cars on their sidewalk so as we arrived they moved their cars to the garage and with the addition of blocking their driveway we had the perfect spots. We let the kids play for a while then walked to the beach as a group and enjoyed the perfect weather. Then walked back for a yummy BBQ dinner planning our next adventures and laughed and laughed as always…

My friend took the photos today so I don't have many except this one while the kids were screaming by the front door before walking to the beach….

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  1. sounds like you guys live close to the beach, then? jealous of your beach weather! we've been having storm after storm! love those wedges!


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