Sunday, May 25, 2014

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

 We are having a mega weekend of little league baseball. Saturday I didn't have the energy to get dressed and of course that made me feel blah all day. 
So today, I got dressed inspired by a Louis Vuitton Ad in April 2014 issue of Bazaar...

First I tried as is without a hat but then felt the baseball hat made it look cooler….

I love the perforated faux leather jacket that has a nice slim fit that keeps its shape...

Jacket - Forever 21
Tank - Kika Paprika
Jeans - Newport News
Hat - Comic con
Boots - Target
Necklace - From Turkey

Well, my son made all star in baseball which had meant 3 2 hour practices last week 2 of which my stepdad took him. And this weekend he had his first tournament.
The first game was tough. In our area they do not follow the real rules of baseball for the 6 and under division. So no score is kept, everybody makes to 1st base and there are no outs. There are so many conflicting thoughts about this but for one it has thought the kids nothing about winning and loosing and how real baseball works. So starting with all star they had to learn a whole slew of new (real) rules and came face to face with striking out, being tagged out and of course loosing a game. It was tough for some of them. My son made one mistake and started crying and wanted to leave but we told him everybody makes mistakes and he has to learn to tune out everyone else and listen to the base coaches only. So many new things for them to take and the stress of the game but my goodness do they love it. He had two games back to back and wouldn't want to leave afterwards and begged to play catch.
And I have watched more baseball this weekend than my entire life. And amazingly learned so many rules. Kind of cool actually but nerve racking to watch your kid out there.

Saturday after the games we came home and had a swim playdate with our friends visiting from Pennsylvania.
Then my husband took the kids to my parents house for dinner and I met up my friend to watch two movies back to back.
We saw XMen and 'The Other Woman'.
Oh my, the Other Woman was hilarious. And I fell in love with everything Ms. Diaz wore. She is just so classy and gorgeous and sexy and natural. Even with her wrinkles around her eye she was breathtaking and hats off to whoever picked her outfits for the movie. Actually all the outfits. It was a great fashion movie as well…

Here are some of the outfits I found photos of in Google. 

You agree right? 

Oh and here is my all star slugger:

And today in between his two games we had 3 hours so my stepdad and I took him to an early lunch which he chose sushi and had a caterpillar roll. Then after the games were done we came home for a swim again. My parents and my sister joined us. Then my husband cooked us dinner while I worked on 3 loads of laundry and did the grocery list and my sis and I even did a 50 minute workout!

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  1. I played Little League when I was a kid and it was rough -- the fathers were re-living their dreams through the boys and put way too much pressure on us. I remember being screamed at.

    I love baseball but not when it's overly-competitive.


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