Friday, May 30, 2014

Sounds of the Orange Grove

Today's outfit was inspired by a look from Who What Wear site: 

Such a brilliant look to pair the slip on's with a pencil skirt…

AND when it got warm, I took off the long sleeve sweater and had a very similar short sleeve lighter knit to underneath:

This type of look also had an inspiration:

Sweater - Nordstrom
Top - Victoria's Secret
Skirt, Sunglasses - Forever 21
Slip on's - Sam Edelman (CIRCUS)

Went with my son on his class field trip to Children's museum. The structured and guided tour seemed a bit too structured but they still had some fun I think. My son who was so looking forward to the field trip felt tired all of a sudden and was out of it.
Afterwards the teacher gave us an OK to take them home early but he wanted to stay so I ran some errands and came home then went back to pick him up. My parents came over and played with the kids while I did the party favors for his upcoming b-day party and cooked dinner.

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