Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cowboy Up

I have been posting less frequent cause it is summer and I don't dress up everyday lately. I am truly enjoying the days with the kids though. I missed my son all winter long when he is in school and it is so great to have him with me the whole day. Also because he is growing up so quickly and he is becoming so much like me that we get along more and more everyday. And he refuses to give kisses to anyone including his dad, 'just hugs' he says. But, to me he is all but kisses and cuddles. In public in front of his friends he doesn't care. So sweet.
We had pretty full days.

MONDAY was a big swim playdate at my house. In addition to our usual monday group also invited my friend and her boys so we had 11 kids! The swim time was quite loud but the kids devoured the lego cake we made following the youtube recipe my daughter found….

My friend brought her underwater camera and took some really cute photos of the kids in the pool:

Went to the outdoor class at the park.  We had another outdoor class at night but I didn't have it in me to go to another park and pack another meal. So instead took the kids to see 'How to Train your Dragon 2' movie in the afternoon and came home in time for a quick dinner before bed.

We went to a water park amazingly we have never been before! It used to be 'Soak City' and then got bought out by Sea World and renovated.  Glad we went this year instead of last. Cause my son has changed personalities and became a dare devil and rode every scary water slide ride he could. Because his friend was too scared to ride with him. I had to pair up with him and I was screaming the whole time when riding this!:

After we left the water park we went directly to my son's swim team practice! Then came home to immediately shower. Daddy got them take out dinner while I got ready into this outfit I am posting on top. My girlfriends picked me up to hit the new country bar downtown. We had gone to the other (the only one) country bar couple times and when we heard there is a new one downtown wanted to check it out. We book these on our busy calendars week in advance then make it happen.
The funny thing was other than me no one even listens to country. And furthermore we were a group of Korean, Russian and Turkish girls going to a country bar! We thought that was pretty funny. But as usual country bars are full of mixed people of all races and ages and all skill levels. Some dress very country like and some just wear regular clothes and kick butt with their moves.
They had lessons from 6 to 9 PM so every other song or so they would show us the moves which made it easier. They also had 4 hosts on the dance floor (these amazingly hot girls wearing cut off denim shorts and american flag tank tops) and it was easier to learn once you locked on their moves.

It was a very fun night. But after all day at the water park and hard core dancing all night I am totally out of commission today!


  1. It sure looks like you and your family are enjoying Summer! Great pictures.

    And, btw, you have the cutest smile. One of these photos (7th) is so adorable I want to post it on my wall. My real wall in my home. I smile just looking at it.

  2. Amazing pictures and great to see you all have some fun. This is one of my favourite outfits of yours. The top is so beautiful and I love the earrings. I adore the fringe bag, I want to get one like that.


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