Sunday, June 22, 2014

Twinkle twinkle little star

 Wore this today (Saturday). 
I have worn a similar combo last summer but love this combo too much to not repeat. And it was in the movie 'The other woman' on the beautiful Ms. Diaz:

I added a hat cause we were going to a poolside event and instead of gold went with silver touches instead. 

 I had lost this necklace for quite some time. You see as much jewelry as I have I know every one of my pieces and having lost this one was driving me crazy but fount it the other day in the inside pocket of a tote I hadn't used for a while! And it is the perfect understated clean cut necklace to go with this combo.

Top - Kika Paprika
Shorts - H&M
Hat - Forever 21
Necklace - Shoedazzle or Baublebar (can't remember which?)
Bracelets - Cookie Lee
Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson
Sandals - Victoria's Secret

Never did a outfit photo shoot Saturday as it was a very busy day hosting a baby shower for my friend who is having twins. I co-hosted with two other friend and even with the three of us there was sooo much to do. We went all out for this shower so everything was hand made. I worked with two very talented ladies one who hand made all the decoration, the other the cake and cupcakes with amazing white chocolate molds.

This was a 'Wishing Tree'. We had laser cut cards for people to write 'wishes' for the babies and hang them on the branches. Decorated the area with a fish net and sea shells and hung the collage print I got made for her as a gift using the photos I took on the beach for her pregnancy photo shoot.
They took this tree and the empty cards with them so visitors that come to their house after the babies are born can continue to add 'wishes'. :)

Made this ice mold using my friends cake pan, orange slices and raspberries and cranberry juice:

We served punch where guests could add champagne to spike it up, green iced tea and water infused with fruit in this 'drinks' corner!
My friend made these wire cage balls using rope, glue and a balloon.

The menu was finger foods only so no need for utensils. We made 6 different kinds of tea sandwiches, fruit and veggie skewers and had green beans and shrimp in little cups. Also did peaches with vanilla yogurt in shot glasses too...

I adored these tulle balls my friend made… They are so dreamy...

I contributed more towards project managing and the menu and portion of the food and provided the house.
We had two big art projects for the guests to complete for the mother to be:
One was making cards that she will use as thank you cards. The nice part was everyone addressed the envelopes with their name and address so she doesn't have to do that task. And she can randomly chose the cards to send and everyone will get handmade card made by another guest as a result.

The other project was decorating onesies using fabric paint. Since she is having twins most of us decorated two. 
The finished onesies were hung with clothespins and added to the decorations.
The whole theme was sea stars and the colors were lavender and pink. 

The party was a big success and everyone had fun (at least we think so):

And here we are with my co-hosts and the guest of honor:
(And you can see what I am wearing!):

After an exhausting day I enjoyed waking up late and chilling for a little while. But then got up to make the cake I had promised kids we would make for our Monday Playdate. We started it on Sunday as the cake needs to cool off before the frosting.
Then my parents stopped by and played with the kids while I relaxed a bit more and got caught up on photos.
And we got packed up ready and went to a Luau at an athletic club my friends are members of.
The place has a very resort feel and for a little while it felt like we were on vacation as the kids enjoyed watching hula dancers, eating roasted pig, playing soccer and ping pong and swimming in  the pools! :)

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