Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fab Fair

 Above was what my outfit ended up being on Friday.
However below is how it started:

The inspiration was from May 2014 J Crew Catalog:

I switched the blue tones with pink ones for this combo….

But, realized it was going to be too hot where we were going and the baseball cap would be too hot too so I switched the cap for a panama hat and ditched the jacket...

Hat(s), Pants - Forever 21
Striped Jacket - BCBG
Tee - J Crew
Sandals - Target

Went to our local Fair (aka Del Mar Fair which this year is called 'Fab Fair') on Friday with two other mommy friends and their kids.
We did our usual parking at the near by 'horse park' and took the double decker bus shuttles to the fair.
My son consumed all the snacks I packed for him before we even entered the gates and so after browsing the main exhibition and looking around for a bit we actually had lunch first. The fair is known for its huge portioned fried foods in odd combinations. My son decided to have the waffles and chicken plate. I had the gigantic turkey leg and fried zucchini curls and my daughter went with…. 'a slice of cheese pizza'!
After this healthy lunch we hit the rides where the kids went wild picking out fun rides and also dancing to music some of the rides were playing.
Then it was petting and viewing farm animals and then we (the mommies) were done.

And I think I am seriously developing a  horse allergy. Cause just like when we went horse back riding I got super sick with watery itchy eyes, runny nose, non stop sneezing and overall feeling horrible!!!!

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