Friday, July 25, 2014

Arrived Home

 Oh my goodness.  I can't believe I have internet access. For a very short time. So I am going to keep this very short….

WE ARE FINALLY in TURKEY! Took a few days to get settled and set-up in the summer house that  hadn't been lived in for 4 years.
I realize now my outfit packing was right on target. Very casual and comfortable with simple chic accessories makes dressing up a cinch in this very hot summer environment where the biggest activity might be sitting with family for dinner or going downtown etc…

For my first outfit I chose this Maxi dress that can be worn as a skirt from my old Kika collection and paired with another kika tank. Added the scarf which at times were too hot to carry….

You can also see I will be supporting this summer hair a lot during this month. It is a wasted effort to style a hair late afternoon only to have it get wet by mid morning the next day. So may be every five days or something I will do a style. In between it will be this half curly beach hair….

 Tank, Maxi Skirt - Kika Paprika
Scarf - Forever 21
Sandals - C Wonder

Here are some first day photos…
 My parent's summer house above…

Having dinner downtown the summer town below before running errands like looking for wifi modem which apparently they are all sold out. 
We will get one from the city by tomorrow but tonight I am using my cousin's husband's phone as a hot spot for this tiny window of opportunity…


  1. what a cute summer house! have fun and take lots of pics!!


  2. Even in harsh conditions, you always look lovely. I admire your ability to do that.


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