Saturday, July 26, 2014

Out and About

 My Day 2 outfit in Turkey. The inspiration was from pintrest I think a blogger that did all sorts of combos using key pieces and this was from the 'white denim' set…

 Again a very practical and easy combo. The scarf served as a shawl when it got a tiny smidgen bit chilly at night.

I took off the scarf when we went to downtown area as it was too hot so I had the necklace to add interest in its  place….

Above is in an antique church where we went to see our relative's photography exhibition. 
Below poses are all from my parents' unique backyard….

Scarf, Necklace - H&M
Top - Kika Paprika
Pants - Zara
Sandals - J Crew
Bracelets - Cookie Lee
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

We finally made it to the beach and became members of the closest beach club that is walking distance and has one of the most beautiful beaches. It is soft sand with no rocks and on a cove so no waves.
The whole club is geared around families with kids and very young kids. They play soft appropriate music and provide pretty good service.

I will take better photos but here is the club:

I would hope so as the beach club prices here are very steep and there are pretty much no free beaches.
This club is also full of tourists so the kids had no problem finding a few English speaking kids their age although they were acting soo annoyingly shy to get that friendship going.
We are trying pretty hard to get them to pick upTurkish but not much success so far. The last time we were here 4 years ago, my son was 4 years old and spoke Turkish without an accent.
If only it would come back…

Late afternoon we went downtown Cesme again to see my mom's cousin's photography exhibition that took place in the antique church…

I love these starfish decorations. I want to get one for sure...

My son is so proud of his Ronaldo uniform he bought with his own money… He begged to wear it twice and keeps asking now when I will wash it…

And the best thing Thursday night my cousin and her husband and their baby boy arrived from Istanbul. 

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