Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mind over matter

Today's quick combo was inspired by a look on H&M website:

I bought this kimono a few years back and now that they are in style more inspirations are popping up...

Kimono - Threadsence
Tank - Kika Paprika
Jeans, Necklace - H&M
Belt - Ralph Lauren
Slip on sneakers - Sam Edelman CIRCUS

I tried to get motivated to start packing this morning.  I tried not to go overboard taking too many outfits/clothes that I won't wear as it is going to be pretty casual there and very very very hot.
I have the kids full time so it will be a rare occasion to go somewhere really dressy. Most places we go involve walking from parking the car far on dirt roads or cobble stones so I pretty much took a lot of flats. I kept the combo's simple and added pizzaz with accessories as they take less space to pack. I did go heavy on swim suits and cover-up's as majority of every single day will be spent in swim suits at the beach. Now lets see tomorrow if I was able to keep the weight of the suitcase down.
I am taking lots of magazines and books and some full sized lotions etc…
I am pretty much done with my suitcase minus the toiletries.
Kids bags should be much less complicated and hoping I will have room in there to add some heavy stuff from mine.
It is a long long flight so I am going to focus on sheer comfort for the travel outfit and decided to wear my crocs as they are so easy to take on and off and can me worn bare or with socks. They don't look the most stylish but on a 16+ hour flight I don't think that is going to matter.

I picked up the boys (my son and his friend) from their camp and stopped for lunch. Then took the friend home and went to my dentist to pick up my night guard. Should be weird wearing it for the first time tonight. Apparently I grind my teeth a lot and as a result have major jaw pain.
Then hit the grocery store for some essentials and snack food for our trip and two boxes of cereal for when we are there. At least until kids adjust to Turkish style breakfast I want to have cereal and PB on hand as back up. Items that are either not sold or very expansive there.
Although something tells me my fresh bread loving kids will have no issue with the delicious fresh bread there.

When we came home I finished packing and did dinner with the kids then a long session of reading again. It is tiring to read out loud two chapter books and a picture book. But I love how much kids are into their chapter books.


Love to hear your thoughts...