Monday, July 14, 2014

Muddy Waters

 My outfit going to our girls' mud spa day on Sunday… 

The inspiration was from Bloomingdale's lookbook:

We had to leave at 6:30 AM in the morning so it was chilly and I added this sweatshirt on top and ready with my tote for the spa...

Sweatshirt - J Crew
Top - from Turkey
Pants - ABS
Purse - Coach
Sneakers - Sam Edelman CIRCUS

Went to the waterpark (Aquatica) with my sister and brother in-law and the kids.
The kids were so happy to spend time with them and my son was ecstatic to ride the rides. I wish my daughter wanted to ride too cause then I would have had more fun but we had to keep splitting up as they did the rides I stayed with her.

We had such an amazing day at this Mineral Waters Mud Spa which was approx 1.5 hours north east of our city. Met at 7 AM at my friend's house and piled into one car to start our journey. Knowing we would be relaxing all day made getting up so early seem not so bad.
It took us a while to get adjusted to the facility but we were smart enough to reserve spots by the pool get lockers and book our grotto appointments right away. The spa was filling up fast. We started with a soak in the mineral baths then moved onto the 'floating pool' which is basically this huge pool that is only calf deep with water and the way you swim in it is by floating on floaties. We formed an anchor by holding onto each other and just laid there. The conversation flows smoothly between us and we laugh a lot which is great.

We then moved onto the main attraction of the place which is the "MUD"!!!!
It was the weirdest feeling to spread yourself with this clay mud. Felt so dirty and odd but also cool. We probably should have put a thinner coat as it took a while to let it all dry then we vigorously rubbed with a towel to dust it off and create the exfoliation then showered to get the rest off…

After this we rested again (like we got too tired) and went to our grotto treatment. They brushed us with this warm moisture solution all over our body (neck down) and then you sit in this rock cave and let the mask soak in. We must have drank cups and cups of water…
Once it is soaked you shower again to wash it off and it does feel amazingly soft all over.
We were starving when that was done and had a nice leisurely lunch followed by more floating in the pool. It was overcast which was perfect cause it is quite hot there so we could bare the heat without burning when the sun was hiding behind the clouds.

Then upon my persuasion got the group to explore the grounds more before we left. And as I suspected there were a lot more pools we were not aware of. We tried the hot and cold treatment where you soak in this scorching hot pool for 30 seconds then jump into an ice cold pool for 30 second and back and forth 5 times to increase circulation and dilation.
There were also epsom salt pool and sulfur pool that we have to try when we go again.
We decided to make it an annual thing! :)

Ended the whole day with Korean BBQ. We didn't even bother showering and just got dressed and left and enjoyed an amazing dinner together…


  1. What a cool experience. Mud has been used as a beauty product for centuries. Nice to see you enjoy it.

    By the way, you are so darn chic. Even when you wear simple outfits, I find myself admiring the heck out of them.

  2. Love your black and white look. I can't seem to get enough of that combo lately. That red clutch is the perfect accessory! The mud place looks like so much fun. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds


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