Sunday, July 13, 2014

Spin, spin, spinning around

 I am super behind again. This was Friday's outfit… 

The inspiration was from J Crew's February 2014 catalog:

I love finding inspirations like this. Cause I would have never thought of pairing this floral top wit the striped jeans and adding black and white shoes. But the combo totally works. And Of course I owned very similar items to make it work! :)

Tank - Kika Paprika
Jeans - Madewell
Hat - Forever 21 (almost identical to J Crew's style but a fraction of the price)
Loafers - Victoria's Secret
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Sunglasses - Crapwear

We went to a different venue with our summer playgroup on Friday.
The city has built a brand new waterfront park overlooking its beautiful bay right on the edge of downtown. It consists of splash pools and these amazing climbing structures.
The kids were entertained by the splash area only for a little bit. But, man did they love the jungle gym portion. The structures were truly challenging with portions that would fight against gravity and it kept them busy for such a long time.
Too bad it was so crowded though which made it a nightmare to keep track of them. Given that the venue was free it was jam packed and parking was horrendous but we had a big group and managed and had fun.

 Above is our large group set-up with umbrellas and blankets…

Below is one of the 5 slides that went down from top of the hill. My daughter (wearing a coral tank with a big daisy on it) and my son (in navy blue adidas matching set and red hat) is on top...

What an amazing workout for the kids right?
My son loved these structures. 

 Girls were crazy in love with this swing...
 Isn't this an amazing city or what? 
Just when you think they can't have better stuff they keep adding...


  1. çizgiler her daim favorim, renkli üste de bayıldım <3

  2. You are looking so FIERCE in this Outfit. I am truly loving everything, especially the awesome smoking loafers and those striped skinny pants. Hot. Hot. Hot!!!



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