Saturday, September 6, 2014


 Last photo shoot with my old camera… The posts after this will be with the new camera but still have to figure out some settings…
This all white with some light grey outfit was inspired but this photo from Who What Wear site:

I switched up grey top with the jacket instead and this sporty Nike Jacket I found at TJ Maxx was perfect for the outfit…

Jacket - Nike
Hat - Forever 21
Tee - Zara
Jeans - Victoria's Secret or Forever 21 (can't remember)
Sneakers - hi-top converses

The days a bit blurred as I pout my self over organizing closets and rooms. I of course created an excel spreadsheet to list what area I plan to clean/organize on what day.
Keeps me motivated trying to stay on schedule but every aspect takes a bit longer than anticipated and a bit more overwhelming that I envisioned.
But, it is such a high for me to when one area is finished and it looks all clean and orderly. I know so weird right? :)
The afternoons are mixed with soccer practices and dance classes and we haven't even started swim practices yet…
Some mornings or mid day I do get to meet a friend here and there and that creates a nice break.

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