Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Today I will sit quietly taking in the beauty around me

 Sunday's breakfast on the beach with family outfit was inspired by this Zara lookbook photo:

Denim Jacket - H&M
Tee - TJ Max may be?
Shorts - H&M

Had a nice brunch with family but my son started acting up fighting with his sister about seashells and storing them so we left in a rush and didn't include the kids in the group photo that I took the tripod for right on the beach! :(
At home they calmed down a bit and my in-laws left shortly after.
Daddy and son settled in to watch the Charger game while I painted rocks with my daughter and worked on week's laundry….

 So happy took a photo of these rocks cause it rained yesterday (Tuesday) and they were all washed off!!!!

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