Monday, September 15, 2014

Wine Women and Song

 Saturday night's outfit to my friend's chorus concert with friends and my mother in law.
The inspiration was from Who What Wear website:
 I liked the idea of a looser tank over the chiffon pants. Unfortunately though I didn't have a black silky tank top so decided to go with my bronze metallic top instead….

Top - J Crew
Necklace - Ann Taylor LOFT
Pants - Threadsence
Belt - from Turkey
Platforms - Luxury Rebel
Sunglasses - Vogue

Had a day filled with soccer games in the morning followed by swimming at home and ballet class.

After all the activities left my hubby and his father to BBQ and have dinner with the kids while my mother in law and I got dressed and went up the hill for a 'Wine Women and Song' event where my friend sang with her amazing chorus.
They were breathtakingly good. It was just pure joy….


  1. You look wonderful Daphne. I love your printed trousers. Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.
    /Madison xx

  2. cute pants. my first instinct is to pair big pants with a fitted top, but have learned over the years that it's not always the best look. i like it with the looser top.

  3. Twenty years from now, your daughter will show her friends pictures of you in this outfit. They'll all agree that you were a fashion icon.


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