Thursday, December 25, 2014

A season to shine

The inspiration for this outfit was from a look at Urban Outfitters:
I changed up the colors of the top as my leather top is burgundy….

So here is the story with this outfit…
I initially wore this and took these photos last Thursday as my husband and I had planned to go on a date night. But as his work has been crazy lately he got a call and had to stay at work and we cancelled our date…
I wore the outfit again this Monday night when we finally got to go on our date….

 But last week this was the day I had gotten my new hair cut….

Top - Nordstrom's
Coat - Bebe
Purse - Anthropologie
Necklace - Bauble Bar
Pants - Forever 21
Heels - Rock Republic (Kohl's)

HOPE YOU ENJOYED CHRISTMAS, if you celebrate….


Love to hear your thoughts...