Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Splish Splash

 There is going to be a lot of beach and pool days in the coming months and usually I count those days as 'no outfit' day but figured once in a while I should show what I wear.
So here you go this is what I wore to our Monday beach playdate.

I had always wondered where do people wear sweaters over swim suits but realized our chilly in the morning weather was perfect for such pairing. 

My friend got me this gorgeous beach bag a few years ago. It goes so nicely to my new fun colored rash guard…. 

And here is how I looked when the weather warmed. 
I got this rash guard from Nordstrom Online before the season began and it is super cute and perfect coverage when I am with the kids and not really swimming myself. It has the right kind of coverage without looking like a 'mommy top'….

Sweater - Costco 
Rash Guard - Nordstrom's
Baseball Cap - Comic Con
Skirt - DKNY (very very old)
Flip Flops - BCBG
Bag - Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses - Forever 21

For 3 summers in a row now 4 of my friends rotate hosting Monday Playdates as one of the mother's work and Monday is her only day off during the week.
But, first my son started his Surf & Skate Camp on Monday.
I drop him off at the beach where he will start with a 3 hour surfing lesson then a lunch break followed by a 3 hour skateboard lesson and I pick him up at the skateboard park…
His bag was huge with all the gear Monday morning:

So this was our first one of the summer.
We went over to the friend who lives right by the beach so it was a beach playdate.
We were a bit rusty with our packing and everything but we'll get back in the routine pretty fast I am sure… What a fun day….

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