Friday, January 16, 2015

A little bit country, a lil bit goth

Not sure where I saved this inspiration from. Probably pintrest… 
It seemed wasteful to ruin my perfectly clean and ironed plaid blouse just to tie it around my waist as an accessory but I do love the pop of color it adds and gives that layered look without actually layering…. 

Jacket, Top, Scarf - Forever 21
Plaid blouse - Target
Jeans - J Crew
Boots, Earrings - Steve Madden

Did bootcamp again…
Forgot how it feels to have those feel me good endorphins you get after a good workout. 
Your body feels tight and your. Muscles are tired and you are filled with this feeling of accomplishment
Also love connecting with new friends getting to know them better. 
These ladies are amazing, with their rock hard bodies and a stamina that will shame a 20-year-old. One of them was just commenting how she's going to drop her oldest daughter at a 6 AM ice-skating training. Then go to her half marathon race. You know just the usual Saturday morning activity. 
So anytime you read my post and think I'm doing crazy things know that I am surrounded by such examples. Which makes my activities seem very mediocre...
But this is Southern California and a posh coastal neighborhood. Wouldn't expect anything less! 

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