Sunday, January 11, 2015

If you never did you should

Saturday's outfit was inspired by this Anthropologie look from their December 2013 Catalog:

I have a few of these really long and chunky winter scarves that I rarely use so when I saw this look it was the perfect opportunity to pull them out from the 'cold weather accessories' box deep in the closet…
I settled on this two toned pink one at the end….

These long supple leather gloves are one of my favorites. Again in San Diego rarely they get use….

Scarf - Vintage
Dress - Forever 21
Top (worn under the tank dress) - Cookie Lee
Boots - Madden Girl
Gloves - Ann Taylor
Earrings - Cookie Lee

Had a fun day with the kids. Took them to the Jr. Theater to see a play adoption of the popular juvenile books 'Magic Tree House' (my son has read about 20 of them)…. Then my friend's husband picked up the boys to spend the day with them while we took the girls to watch the Rhytmic Gymnastic competitions. They didn't last long wanting to dance and perform themselves so we left. I took my daughter and her friend to our house for her first sleep over while my son spent the night at his friend's house. The girls had an absolute blast playing gymnastic performance games, putting make-up on and playing dress up and giving us performances. Then they watched an ice skating movie while eating pop corn followed by a fun bubble bath and story time in bed with matching footed PJs… First though they placed a jewelry box outside to catch a fairy! Their imagination has no bounds and it is just a joy to watch hem pretend play….  Reminded me of my childhood, when I used to come home after watching a dance show or ballet and would dance for hours in front of the mirror. And I would make my dolls talk and talk and play all sorts of imaginary games. The mind is the easiest way to escape everyday life. As adults we rarely day dream. We should do it more instead of TV and internet….


with the girls at my house TONIGHT….


  1. I looove those long scarves! Great outfit!

  2. Amazing outfit. The scarf is terrific.


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