Monday, January 19, 2015

Nancy Fancy

Sunday's outfit was inspired by a look at Nordstrom's Website:

Although I have to say when I put it all on the layers felt way too bulky and it was somewhat hard to move. Once I came home I had to shed them all and switch to jeans and a sweater for dinner and movies with my husband… Some outfits just not meant to last all day….

Without Jacket a little less bulky...

Jacket - Newport News
Top and Denim Shirt - Forever 21
Skirt - Asos
Boots - Via Spaga
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Earrings - Target
Purse - Chloe

Had a fund day on Sunday seeing 'Nancy Fancy' play with my daughter. Came to realize how it was just perfect cause she is totally that. Everything that glitters and shimmers and puffs up. The fancier the better. All about dancing and singing but not much about sports. She really related to the play.
Afterwards we went out to lunch and a little bit of ice skating.
Then I dropped her off at my mom's. Came home to watch the end of a playoff game with  my very excited spastic son. He even makes me tolerate football if that is possible.
Then my hubby took my son to grandparents house to watch the 2nd play off game with grandpa and we had a nice dinner and saw 'American Sniper'. Great movie, but m goodness what has happened to Bradley Cooper. Why did he gain all that weight? Especially when he was playing a hard core Navy Seal which one would expect to be in amazing shape.
But the story was very captivating and moving.
I get all crazy around this time of the year trying to see as many oscar nominated movies as possible. My husband hates this mission of mine as he feels most nominated movies are depressing and slow and not 'entertaining'…. But I am a sucker for good acting just like reading slow and heavy classics for the beauty of writing…

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