Wednesday, January 21, 2015

In the moment

Monday's outfit was inspired by a J  Crew 'look' from their factory Website:

I hadn't worn my down vest in a while so it was perfect to pair over this fair isle sweater which has a touch of pink in it and they went great together… To be hones though I didn't keep the patent leather heels on and switched to uggs as we were going ice skating! :)

Vest - FOrever 21
Sweater - H&M
Jeans - Closet
Heels - J Crew

It was a holiday here and the kids were off school. We met up and the ice skating rink first for lunch then to skate. My sister came too and here and I rented skates and were on the ice as well while her husband, my parents watched. My ankles and side of my legs were burning from using muscles I never use but it was fun.
It is also amazing how I got better at skating from watching the kids skate. Didn't know if that is possible. I was joking the other day with my friends. May be I have this special talent of learning a sport by watching so next you will see me playing soccer and basketball! :)

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