Thursday, January 22, 2015

That is just how we do it

 Tuesday's outfit was inspired by not one but two looks.

The first one from Asos Website:

2nd was from Bee (Atlantic Pacific):

So the concept was floral sweatshirt with tailored pants and pointy toed shoes…

Sweatshirt - J Crew
Pants - Forever 21
Shoes - Zara
Purse - DKNY
Earrings - Steve Madden

Well 2nd week of my bootcamp and I signed up for the month which will ensure I do not flake and might even motivate me to go more than twice a week as the monthly not only saves me money but allows me to go unlimited classes.
It is funny cause before each class as I feel tired from waking up so early and the dealing with the hustle and bustle of getting kids out the door and to school I am sooo tempted to just skip and go home.
But I hang in there and sure enough without fail after the class I feel so amazing and wonder how I ever thought about skipping.
It is such a great atmosphere cause it is more than just doing a gym class in a crowded classroom surrounded by people you don't know and if you were to walk out in mid class no one would stop you and ask why?
But this is a semi private session where the trainer knows all our names and correct and monitors our form the entire time and everyone introduces themselves if they don't know you already.
I just love the dynamics of the class and that it is different every time and the 60 minutes goes by pretty fast without ever looking at the clock…
I just wonder when I will stop being the only one that seems to be breathing like I am dying at the end of each circuit! :)


  1. You are my fashion icon. Outfits like this amaze me. Your talent in putting them together is enviable.


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