Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Off to the cloud it goes

P.S. The title comes from what Siri said when I used it to send a text to my friend. After it asked me if I was ready to send it and I hit 'send' button it said 'Off to the cloud it goes!'

Sunday's outfit was inspired by this Pintrest post:

I loved this fur scarf with lace top leather jacket and the bright yellow purse...

 Jacket, Lace Top - Forever 21
Jeans - J Crew
Fur Scarf - Asos
Purse - Charming Charlie's
Sunglasses - Valentino's
Ring & Earrings - from Turkey
Necklace - Cookie Lee

We started the day with an amazing brunch at a Turkish Friend's house. She went all out with one yummy dish after another. Kids had a great time with their son and we had such pleasant conversation for hours.
Then came home to drop off my son so he can go to his tennis lesson with Daddy and took my daughter to Ice Skating. My mom came to meet us there and she surprised my friend by offering to take both daughters home for dinner! So we stayed on and chatted away in peace, shopped a little then met my sister for dinner and saw the movie 'Cake'!
Oh my goodness, I guess it was pretty good acting by Jennifer Aniston but my goodness what a depressing and slow movie and it took forever to figure out what the whole plot was…
Would not recommend it!

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