Thursday, January 29, 2015

You make me blush

Tuesday's outfit was inspired by a look from Bloomingdale's:
 Unfortunately it was one of those days where the outfit didn't quite come out that great. The boots are too tall I think for the longer skirt and the top just kind of looks blend. Not sure… I get these outfits sometimes usually less than 10 a year… Probably not a bad ratio among all the other outfits I like….

Top - Gap
Skirt - La Redoute
Sunglasses - Valentino
Boots - Ivanka Trump

Went to my son's class for their Family Literacy day and my husband was able to join us.
I got a chance to browse all the work they have hanging around the class room and it was amazing to see how much writing 2nd graders do. And they are all serious. Either their views on a book they read, research findings and the most interesting ones were their 'opinion pieces' They read an article on a controversial topic that relates to them and then express their opinion but they have to back it up intelligently and give a conclusion.  Topics they were covering were 'year round schools', 'allowing candy and fast food for school lunches' and the topic they covered while we were there was about how much screen time should kids get.
My son was a bit surprised that all those NFL and NBA games he watches count as screen time and as active as he is he has still logged in pretty long screen times…

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