Monday, January 26, 2015

On the fringes of Bohemia

Saturday's inspiration I think was from Pintrest….

I liked this bohemian look….

Shirt, Cardigan - Forever 21
Pants - Zara
Hat - Asos
Necklaces - Cookie lee and Forever 21
Booties - Betsey Johnson
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

What did I do Saturday? It is all a bit of a blur now… My hubby has been working insane hours. Usually up till 10 pm or midnight but sometimes all thru the night and Friday night was one of those nights. Saturday morning the kids so look forward to going to breakfast with just Daddy at psycho early hour but Daddy was a sleep so they waited and waited. I even got up and they refused to eat until Daddy got up so we all went out at a super late hour for them but a totally normal hour for regular people which was like 10 AM.
Then I took my son to his baseball tryouts while my poor hubby got called by work again.
After that my son got an invitation to his friends house for an overnight stay so I took the little princess to see Paddington which was hilarious.

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