Thursday, February 26, 2015

Going Moto

This sporty and a 'bit out there' outfit was inspired by a look in Victoria's Secret Fall 2013 catalog:

Vest, Top - Forever 21
Pants - beach boutique
Sneakers - 
Necklace - Vintage

Ah, I am back to normal… My stomach is still a little uneasy but I feel like myself again.
Went to boot camp in the morning. It was brutal after taking off a week and a half. Plus I am doing this 1 day juice/tea cleanse from Vitality Tab. I got it at half price at groupon. The tastes were interesting. Don't think I will do this tea version again but might try the juice one or go back doing suja…
It is weird, I know but I was talking to my (7 yr old) son about it. He is such an old soul. It was like talking to a friend. He read with me the description of each juice and what it does. He, like me, is all about new tastes and experiences so he wants to taste them all. Even tasted the super spicy morning one.
It actually is not as hard because I was sick all day Monday and barely felt normal Tuesday eating very little so I think my stomach is already shrunk. Hoping to shed the extra 5 lbs I have seemed to accumulated before swim suit season arrives and in San Diego that is like in a month.

The feeling after the boot camp was marvelous. Forget how oh so good you feel after a hard core workout. Love it. Going again tomorrow...

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