Sunday, February 22, 2015


 Supporting a Lulu lemon look of total comfort on Friday after I finally started getting over my cold this week...

Lots of compliments today for these earrings...

I love that the sweater has thumbholes like a runners top...

 Sweater, Pants - Lulu Lemon
T- shirt - Zara
Loafers - Coach
Earrings - Forever 21
Bracelets - Cookie Lee
Watch - from Turkey

It has been a long week as I have been under the weather for a few days. Taking medication and finally feeling a bit more like myself I ventured out on Friday but relied on the comfiness of these clothes. Added a bit dressiness with accessories and the chunky loafers…
Kids of course continued with all their crazy activities this week and I barely got by, by resting during the day when they are in school and pulling it together for a few hours in the afternoon to carry them from one activity to another and resting again when my hubby got home.
Friday night felt good enough to go to my son's very late (7:45 PM) basketball game and watched them beat the team they had lost a few weeks ago and watch my son throw a basket for the first time this season. It was all worth it.

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  1. Lulu is just so dang chic for casual daywear! From the gym to the streets...perf!
    Thank you for visiting my blog sweets, would love to get your thoughts on my latest!

    Xx- Julie

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