Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Left of Center

 Another casual look. I am just in love with this sweater (below) so I wear it again and again. This time paired with slouchy slacks and added sneakers…. Plus the trench on top...
 The inspiration was from PSW Oct 2014 below…
I was initially going to add a teal colored sweater but it was too boxy over the slouchy pants and just didn't fit right so went with the black and white instead but added the teal trench for pop of color…

Trench, Sweater - Lulu Lemon
Shirt - J Crew
Pants - H&M
Sneakers - Superga
Earrings - Forever 21

Had a nice relaxing day taking my daughter ice skating in the afternoon. I even grocery shopped and finished loads and loads of laundry so I can star the week all ready to start my nutrition plan and workouts as I had to take a week off due to my flu.
I went to watch the Oscars at my friend's house and I just wasn't hungary to eat before.
I mixed up salty, sweet and spicy snacks and junk food mixed with white wine and raw veggies from the veggie tray.
Well the combination proved to be deadly as I threw up all night and all monday morning and it just drained me.
My friend joked when I told her that this was one way to start a 'cleansing'!!!
My parents came to rescue once again and picked up the kids and took them to their activities so I can continue getting it out of my system. Pulled it together just enough to go to my son's final basketball game Monday night…

After ice skating it rained for a little bit then sun came out and saw this beautiful rainbow:

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  1. Wow, that sweater is gorgeous. Beautiful design. Sorry to hear about your reaction to the Oscars. :-)


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