Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tough Choice

Sunday's outfit was inspired by this look from J Crew:

I don't have a sleeveless denim top so I used a white top instead but adding the large brim black fedora was a great idea from the inspiration...

Top - From Turkey
Skirt - Vintage
Hat - Forever 21
Slides - Zara
Purse - DKNY

The kids and I finally finished listening to the Harry Potter Book #4 (Goblet of Fire) on tape this week so we were all looking forward to watching the movie sunday morning. I love sharing these books with the kids as it becomes 'our thing' as we reference books we have read together. And I am amazed at my son's ability to remember every character name and scene from such thick book.
He was torn though by mid morning by the decision he had to make whether to continue watching the really long movie or going over to his Grandpa's house to watch the Charger game as he had promised the night before.
Decisions, decisions, decisions…
He decided to keep his promise at the end and go and watched the rest of the movie when he came home late afternoon after his baseball game.

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  1. These moments with your kids are a treasure. Savor them. You'll remember them fondly when the children are grown up.


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