Saturday, October 3, 2015


Friday's outfit was inspired by this Pinterest:

Like the idea of pairing this dressy top with casual sandals...

 Top - Anthropologie
Jeans - Forever 21
Sandals - Target

Crazy day volunteering at school almost all morning then shopping for birthday presents followed up by swim practice and soccer practice but ended with a fun note where my best friend and I took my son to a Revolving Sushi Bar named after our last name. My son unlike many American children absolutely loves sushi but my daughter is a very average child when it comes to taste buds so I left her with my mom while took my son to the restaurant. There was an hour wait for this tiny place located in a strip mall but my friend went early to write our name.
It was such a fun place especially for kids where tiny plates of sushi circle on a belt that revolves around the whole restaurant next to each table. You pull out the plate if you want that item. When you are done you feed the empty plate to a slot and the pad on your table counts the dishes you have consumed. When you reach 15 a little 'hello kitty' surprise toy pops from the gift machine. You can also order items not on the belt and those come in a super fast fashion on an upper belt and stop right at your table. It is just all very cool.
Definitely not cheap though especially when you have a healthy eater like my son. :)

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