Thursday, October 1, 2015


Yesterday's inspiration from April 2015 issue of People Style Watch:

Top, Sandals - J Crew
Pants - Express
Necklace - Cookie Lee

After the morning errands that involve my new volunteer work at school attending a parenting seminar at school. The topic was 'Grit'. How to raise our children to have 'Grit'. I hadn't quite heard of this word .In the context of the seminar it meant Persevering and not giving up to reach goals and having a Growth Mindset instead of a fixed one.
It is so true that we are raising a generation of kids who are praised above and beyond and therefore think they are great. It is also the internet generation kids who are used to getting what they want instantly. It is especially hard if you have a child who is advanced and talented therefore gets used to things being easy. When things get hard they simply conclude they just must not be smart enough. It was all about changing that mindset that when we face something hard it just means we have to put more effort into understanding and learning and that our brain is developing while doing so.
We were told to look at brain like a muscle. It does not develop if you do the same things that you already know how to do well. Such as lifting 2 lb. dumbbells.
The only time a brain/muscle will develop is if you push it beyond its comfort zone. To build muscles you would gradually increate the weight you lift.
For your brain you have to challenge it by learning new things or trying to do the same things in a different way.
I am really looking forward to the seminar series that will be every Tuesday for 4 weeks.
The concepts not only apply to how we raise our children but to ourselves in general.


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