Monday, March 4, 2013

Who is Wearing Kika? - Meet Elisa

Welcome to a new season of 'Who is Wearing Kika?'
I am so excited about the Spring (and later Summer) seasons of the wonderful eco friendly clothing line, kikaPaprika, I represent and sell. 

For those of you new to the brand, kikaPaprika is based in Laguna Beach, CA; Eco-CHIC clothing that you'll wear everywhere - Organic fabrics ~ 12 FASHION, custom colors ~ you choose color, style, size and order exactly what you WANT! ~ WELL priced $40-$150 ~ Sold only thru fashion consultants like myself..

This collection gets my 'seal of approval' as chic, comfy, wearable clothes and I highly recommend seeing them in person and trying them on. AND you can check out the website though I don't feel it does justice.

Every Monday I will have a post featuring a different model styled in the current season pieces to show you their versatility and how good they look from young to mature, thin to curvy, blonde to red heads and petite to tall... 

I met Elisa couple years ago when she joined our co-op pre-school with her now 4 year old son. Our son's were friends immediately and we just clicked just as fast as well. She is exactly the type of person I am drawn to. Open and direct, smart and fun. 

Before becoming an active stay at home mom like myself, Orange County native Elisa worked for 10+ years as a Physical Therapist.

What Elisa thinks about Kika:
"I loved Kika clothes because they are so soft and comfortable, and also cute and stylish.  I had a blast modeling the clothes and I felt quiet fabulous"

And she did look fabulous.....
 We had so much fun during the photo shoot putting together both dressy and casual outfits together.
This was one of the more dressy ones. Elisa has amazing legs so we did everything we can to show them off. This skirt is actually one size too big on her so it would have been even better if I had a sample in her size.
'Kelly' jacket in steel color - 
'Loren' top in imperial blue color - 
'Jenna' skirt in steel
Scroll Scarf -
Necklace ($32) and Ring ($26) by Cookie Lee

This is outfit can be dressy or casual. The skirt is a nice length and comfort that can be worn to kid activities as well as outing with friends. The bright floral top adds a fun splash of spring and contrasts nicely with the crisp white cardigan. 
'LESLIE' cardigan in white - 
'CHARLOTTE' cowl neck sleeveless top in 'meadow' print - 
'BRIT' skirt in cocoa - 
Belt (my own)
Earrings ($24) by Cookie Lee

Here is another fresh and dressy outfit using the same skirt. This time we topped it off with a same style top but in the same cocoa color as the skirt to give it a dress effect. Topped off with Kika's first time ever tailored tweed jacket in the peony color scheme. This jacket has a fun bright orange lining. Added a subdued colored but a big statement chunky necklace and simple hoop earrings.

'CARLY' tweed jacket in peony - 
'CHARLOTTE' top in cocoa - 
'BRIT' skirt in cocoa - 
 Necklace - $20

 This was identical to the first outfit with the exception of swapping the steel grey cardigan for a white one and white wedges instead of nude heels. Added a fun silver and pearl necklace and kept the scarf open for a bit more relaxed feel. 

Necklace - $20

Such a pretty top this is in the perfect summer color of 'Ocean'. Adding silver statement necklace (which Elisa purchased) and pairing with a fun pink and black scarf that has a touch of aqua to tie in the top to the outfit. 

'LORELEI' top in Ocean
'BOOTCUT PANTS' in black
Paisley Scarf - $28
Necklace - $24 by Cookie Lee

This Jacket and this color is just perfect for Elisa. She actually bought a peplum jacket in this similar color from last season which she wears now all the time.
We tried it open with the ocean colored top underneath and also buttoned up. Elisa loves the idea of scarf and plans to wear more scarves so we added them to a few outfits to show how they can be worn.

'SAMI' military style jacket in Imperial Blue - 
'LORELEI' top in Ocean -
'BOOTCUT PANTS' in black - 

 I absolutely love these colors on Elisa. The peony just brightens her up. The cropped jacket over the tunic top created a great contrast as well over leggings...

We were having such a fun time with my not so professional photo shoot directing skills and the best poses were when she wasn't really posing but laughing at how she didn't know how to pose.  :)
'NATALIE' jacket in peony - 
'ALEXIS' cowl neck tank tunic top  in ocean -
'LEGGINGS' (full length) in black - 
Neklace - $25

 This cardigan is not exactly her size (too large) but it is flowy enough to make it work for the photo shoot. Just loved the color over white...

'KELLY' Jacket in peony - 
'JULIA' top in white - 
Necklace - $25

 Elisa like all women loves the grey and black tones as well. Wanted to create an outfit that still had some fun factor with these color scheme. This was the first version....
Adding the silver accessories was the key and some interesting detailed boots made the outfit chic. The comfort level of this combo was over the top. It is your basic leggings, top and a soft cardigan combination but look how chic it looks. You can't ask for more....

'MILLY' jacket in steel - 
'LIL' (reversible) tank in black - 
'LEGGINGS' in black - 
Caged Heart Necklace ($36), Chain Necklace ($32), Cuffs ($38 each) by Cookie Lee

And then we added a fedora hat that I sell as an accessory to the combo with her hair pulled back and it just made it so chic and fun. Such a simple add on that really makes the combo hip and young in age appropriate kind of way!

'MILLY' jacket in steel - 
'LIL' (reversible) tank in black - 
'LEGGINGS' in black - 
Caged Heart Necklace ($36), Chain Necklace ($32), Cuffs ($38 each) by Cookie Lee
HAT - $20

It was such a fun photo shoot. Our plans of doing just a couple outfits morphed into doing 10 combinations! And if you think we were done after this you are wrong as Elisa shopped my previous season sample rack and we had fun creating more combo's with those. 

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