Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hats and Bold Colors

Two outfit day and both had one bold risk taking piece. I can't say whether it worked out perfect or not but it was trying something bold.

Outfit 1: Black skinny jeans, white tee with graphic zebra design, yellow boyfriend cardigan, ugg boots. Black bead necklace and the BOLD PIECE: a black and white hat!

Activity: Outdoor toddler class, doctor visit and kid ventures (indoor playground).

I am glad I wore a fun tee underneath because the minute we got to the park the weather changed and it was very warm. I kept the hat on for style purposes even though it was pretty hot. The way the hat sit it sometimes blocked my view partially and hence I hit my head on of the jungle gym bars but otherthan that it worked out fine. 

Outfit 2: Grey pencil skirt, blue/gray top with red rose design and schiffon collar detail, lack thick elastic belt tied at waist, BOLD PIECE: red tights!, grey boots, grey purse, black leather jacket. Small black rhinestone hoop earings.

Activity: Dinner out with mommy girlfriends.

The red tights was definitely very bold and eye catching. I can't way it looked awesome but definitely different. I always wanted to wear the since I saw a similar ensemble at a fashion show last spring for the upcoming winter line. I never had the courage to pull it off. I am glad I tried it out at least once! :)

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