Sunday, February 21, 2010

Plaid Mania Continues...

Still cloudy and chilly so wanted to wear my new blazer jacket that I got just a month ago.

Outfit: Dark grey skinny jeans, red/black plaid ruffle front shirt (gap sale), black scarf, black boyfriend blazer, tigh high suede flat boots (steve madden).

Activities:Brunch at a friend's house in the AM. Visited Parkway Plaza in El Cajon (one of the very few indoor malls near San Diego) for the first time since it was cloudy and about the rain.

Since the jacket paired with the scarf was warm enough I didn't need to wear an another jacket. These boots are very comfy which is why I got them. I would have preferred a leather pair (not suede) with heels but I knew I would get so little use out of them so went with flats. Over jeans the lenght holds up and they stay over my knee. But if you wear them over bare legs they slouch down, don't like that.

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